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    It's been more than 24 hours and my nano sim for iPhone is still not active.


      Seriously, it's no fun here on Globe now as compared 2 yrs ago when I was opening a new line. I can't believe their support is tied up with freaking customer service reps who do not check account histories. I keep on repeating myself over the phone or chat just to give them a heads up instead of looking on the status on my account. Their support via Twitter is not very helpful either.


      I've requested for recontracting last Friday since I only have a couple of months left till my contract ends so I decided to pre-terminate my existing contract to upgrade my phone and avail a newer plan. They told me I can get the handset on July 6th but I was shocked that a courier delivered it last Monday (but I wasn't able to get it until yesterday because I didn't withdraw enough money for the cashout and the pre-term fee geez).


      I already have the phone and the nano sim they give me. Now what? I still can't have it activated no matter how many times I tried activating it using their self-service stuff on 211. I called, chatted, tweeted and exchanged e-mails with various people I don't know how many more will try to reply with canned responses to me. They're like robots with different names for God's sake. They are telling me not only they will escalate the case to another department etc. but one of them told me via Twitter that I have a pending loyalty order so I should wait until July 11th to have it enabled. Are you kidding me? You gave me the handset first now I won't be able to use it until July 11th?! GAH!


      Now if there's someone who's willing to OWN the case I have and make sure it's being monitored and done, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO SO. I'm really trying to switch phones because the older one is not very helpful anymore.


      Case ID is #4042284. It even took them so long before they sent me the recontracting form. I'm sure I spelled out my e-mail address several times correctly but I still haven't received it. I only got it by the time I sent an e-mail.


      Honestly, it shouldn't take that long for a sim to be reactivated. How come when I asked for my sim to be changed to a micro sim on a Globe Store previously, I finally got it working in a matter of less than 2 hours? A Globe Store is very far from here so please don't hate. Please try to understand. Thanks!


      P.S. Sorry for the lengthy message. A frustrated customer like me won't give enough time to send this message if I don't CARE. Now I hope YOU do the same!


      UPDATE: I talked to another phone rep last night (because chat is busy atm and take note it's almost midnight when I called) and explained why I still have a pending order. From what I understood, looks like they are waiting for the recontracting form I will be sending back that's why they put the order on pending. I already paid for it and I signed lots of papers when the postman delivered the package. Why did no one tell me about this in the first place? I mean I was expecting that the newer plan will take effect asap so I can use the phone I received. I sent another e-mail last night to ask for further explanation but looks like it's not available 24/7.


      ANOTHER UPDATE: Okay so my conversation with their email support continues until I found that I can still use my old micro sim by cutting it to look like a nano sim and fit on my new phone. GOSH! I should have known I can do that while waiting for the new plan to take effect! lol I mean I'm not fully aware that there's a workaround instead of sticking with the (defective) nano sim they gave me. Unfortunately, neither of all the reps I talked to told me about that. Sigh... I may be sooo ignorant when it comes to their processes but at least they should have suggested that right? Oh well whatever. Where can I find FAQs about recontracting anyway? They didn't fully explain how to proceed with recontracting from here:


      Re-Contracting | Rewards | Help and Support


      Their support only send me short replies via e-mail and Twitter as if they are on a rush or something. They give one-liners after looooong hours of waiting. They never give further explanation like what I hoped. Their chat support doesn't educate customers. I see some of them do that but they're somewhat RARE based from my experience.


      I understand these reps are pressured with the amount of customers asking for support but it would help if they anticipate all the questions that will be asked. My case could be handled correctly if they checked the case history before sending. Well, who am I to tell you these things? I know you have your own Quality Assurance Department. You should know what to do. I will never give customers doubts on sticking with the current service they have.


      I'm out.