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    GOSURF Prepaid


      I have been using Globe's GOSURF now since it first came out and replaced POWERSURF mainly because of the inclusion of Spotify premium. I have noticed though that for several times in a week Globe takes out increments of PhP5 from my prepaid credits. I don't use much of my prepaid load because I mostly use it for registering for data promos. I also don't usually use my phone for calling. I have hundreds of free text from loading with prepaid cards, and even if there is a rule that it is to be used only for texts with Globe subscribers, I rarely text anyone with Smart. Just a few minutes ago, Globe again took out PhP5 from my load, and my phone has not been used overnight nor my data was on. I just slept, and they took PhP5 again. This is robbery and I am to the verge of raising this up to NTC. Please let me know if you are having the same issue. I don't think this is an isolated case.

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          Hi jtubalinal! Please deactivate your mobile setting. Try this one, change it from http.globe.com.ph to http.globe1234g or anything you want to replace. Then, when you are going to use your mobile internet back it to the correct setting. I know it is hassle for you to change it everytime you don't use it however, in some point it will not deduct to your load without  texting or calling.


          I hope it will help you. :)

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              Hi. This is definitely not because of wrong APN. If you can read again what I wrote, I said they took PhP5 even if my data was not on.


              The only other service they charge for PhP5 is MMS, which I have never used since 2007, I think. This certainly single out data use, which is PhP5 per 15 minutes. I just found that even when I am on SUPERSURF200, they still take out PhP5 from my load. This is an error because I always subscribe to their data promos from end to end.


              I was suspecting this was because of Samsung Knox, which uses VPN, and which I use to access my work email and files. My wife also tried to subscribe to the surf promos on her Xperia but no PhP5 prepaid credits are being taken by Globe on her account. Then again I disabled Knox for a few days, but Globe still deducts PhP5 from my load 3 times a day on average.


              I have tried contacting Globe but the chat rep said he will check the account but did not go back.

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              Paulo D

              Hi jtubalinal!


              Sent you a private message which you can view from the menu above.


              In any case, I suggest you to raise this to our Twitter Specialists at http://www.twitter.com/talk2GLOBE or any of our support channels listed at http://www.globe.com.ph/contactus so they can help you isolate the issue, and if there's a need to make any necessary load reversals.