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    Sharing my experience when applying postpaid plan at Globe


      Hi Fellow Globe Users,


      I just wan to share my experiences when applying postpaid plan at Globe.


      There are many ways to apply a postpaid plan.


      - visit any globe business centers near your place.

      - via online

      - via phone


      I tried applying through online because I've checked this site (globe community) it is a big help for me (new applicants) for any queries and concerns. Thanks to mr notevenfollowed. He help me for making follow ups to Globe.


      Now back to topic. I applied through online June 17, 2014 and the next day, June 18, 2014 someone called me and her name is Aiko. She explained to me how to apply and the requirements that I need to submit. When I got home, I sent all my requirements, 3 valid IDs(Company ID, SSS unified ID, and Drivers License), 1 month latest payslip, front picture of my credit card and authorization to deduct. When she received all my requirements, she told me that to tell everything what I have written on my application 'coz someone from verification team will call me. And before we end our call, she told me that when applying through online, and you submitted the requirements in 24hrs, you will receive a 500GC from SM. (Cool!)


      After 1 day of waiting, I think June 20, 2014. Someone called me and verify some information to me. Due to some reasons, Globe didn't tell me that my application has been approved. Mr. notevenfollowed the one who told me. I think, the best way to apply plans to Globe, is here. Via globe community. It is a bighelp. When I have problems and making follow ups, i asked the help of mr.notevenfollowed.


      After 2weeks of waiting, finally! I received my phone(samsung s5) and LTE sim. wait there's more. I got my 500 worth of GC too! Buti na lang, my office is near from globe's office (pioneer).




      Thanks for the help, especially from mr.notevenfollowed and the moderators of this forum.