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    When will my defective Nokia Lumia 1320 be replaced?


      The model in question is a Black Nokia Lumia 1320. It has been increasingly frustrating to have deal with its defects and not to be able to use the phone fully because since it will be replaced. Most of the data, apps, files, etc. I could get cannot be transferred to the new device.


      The person who I had approached regarding the replacement of my device had told me that at least a week but at most a month. It has been quite more than a month now.

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          sabau medyo napa oh nose ako.


          On how i understand your concern, the handset which is L1320 is currently with Globe for replacement? It might take a month or so in order for them to provide replacement since they have to surrender it with nokia center to have it check, consider it will be on queue. The best way is to check with Globe where you surrender the handset for the status.

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            I'm sorry to hear of your situation, @sabau, I hope that you get everything resolved soon.


            If all of the backup options of your phone were switched on, then the content of your phone will be safe and can be restored to your replacement phone during the initial boot-up process:


            • Your contacts and calendars are automatically synchronised with your Microsoft Account (or, as applicable, with other accounts that you had installed such as Gmail, Nokia Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), and will automatically be restored to your phone when the back-up is restored or when you set the accounts up manually.
            • Your apps and app settings plus your text messages will be backed up and can be restored as the backup is restored during the initial boot-up of the new phone. All apps that you had installed will be redownloaded automatically as part of this process, it is best therefore to do this in a place where you have access to a WiFi connection.
            • Your photos should be backed up to your OneDrive. You can see these anywhere you can access the internet by clicking this link and logging in using your Microsoft Account credentials.


            Note: All of the back-up options are usually switched on by default, so unless you switched them off yourself, your phone data should be safe.


            As suggested, check with Globe for updates on your situation, but if you have a record of the phone's IMEI number, you can also ask my colleagues at Microsoft Mobile Philippines to check, for contact details please visit this page.


            I would be interested to know what were the "defects" with your phone that you mentioned.

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              Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures.


              I definitely recommend that you go back to the Globe Store and ask them once and for all when will the replacement unit be available.  Give them until Friday to provide you the replacement unit or else * some text missing *


              If the Creature from the After Sales section cannot give you a definite answer, scream and shout and politely ask for the assistance of the Creature's Supervisor. If the Creature Supervisor is engaged in a meeting, ask for the Manager.  If the Creature Manager is engaged in a meeting as well, by all means, Scream and Shout and Politely tell the Creature to ask Poncious Pilate to assist you with your concern. In short, don't leave the Globe Store until you get what you truly deserve.


              If you need further assistance, just let me know.


              Have a wonderful day!




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              P.S. Kuya Hermohermes hcescala , Over naman 'yang one month na yan. For Replacement na nga eh. Di ba dapat may Inventory sila from Nokia. Ako nga, I didn't surrender my defective unit. Nag- Scream and Shout lang ako and politely asked Racquel of Globe Store Greenbelt to give me the replacement unit or provide me feedback within a week. Ayun napalitan naman ang defective smartphone ko.  Ang point d'yan kasi, dapat kapag nagko-complain kayo, isipin n'yo na agad kung anong makakapagpasaya sa inyo bago pa kayo mag-aksayanng pumunta sa Globe Store. Mapapagalitan na naman ako ni Voldemort n'yan. Hahaha

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                  @WILLfindways, you seem to have had a bad experience yourself, your posts here indicate a crusade of sorts. I agree that the lenth of time it is taking for Globe top deal with @sabau's case is a little excessive, however aggressive behaviour with the shop-front staff is not the way. They aren't the people causing the problem, they are the ones who should try to help, and so it is best to have them "on his side".


                  If you are having ongoing problems with Globe yourself, then no doubt your presence in this forum has already caught the attention of their team, I suggest you let them know who you are and I'm sure somebody will be in touch.