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    Globe Tattoo Platinum Latency/Ping increased lately, WHY? PLEASE FIX!

      Globe ping/latency increased with 20+ ms to almost all abroad locations on second week of June 2014.
      I'm monitoring my servers I own from all around the world from home and all shown an increase in their latency which its bad overall...
      I already noticed buffering and slight lag in online applications. Hopefully they(Globe) will fix this problem...
      I'm a Globe customer for several years already and i have very few issues with them JUST this latency increase its affecting me ALOT...
      Many might say 20+ ms its not much but when added to an already 170+ ms or 260+ ms ping the difference can be feelt.
      Hope it will be fixed...i really don't wanna try SKY but I'm inclined to do it...i tried PLDT before and they are worst then Globe (at least for me they were)

      *UPDATED* (as this was posted on June 23 on What's wrong with Globe Telecom FaceBook group)



      So I use to have an 168-170 ms in West US servers back in May and before then in June it started to change and it when to 180 ms+ ...

      Right now the lowest ping an user can get while changing tones of ip its 195 ms

      (Globe IP's have different latency so user must change them alot till he finds a good one)

      and the delay keeps increasing slowly

      for me the latency/ping its more important then the speed (speed matters BUT with high latency, everything will shutter and lag)

      i'm hopping that GLOBE will do something about it soon or I'm thinking to close my account and try SKY (i heard they have very nice latency abroad) though i'm hoping GLOBE will fix this and i will stick with them...

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          I forgot to add but, I run some trace routes and Globe ping starts to go high in Globe connection to Level3 Seattle :

          I know for a fact the latency use to be better there, i just don't have the old traceroutes to prove that

          from what i can see, that ip its the server IP of meeting route between Level3 under ocean cable and Globe main router

          maybe Globe techs should take a look there as we should not have such a high ping in a close location like that


          this is an traceroute:




          Tracing route to lvspsn-liv-gw01.station.sony.com []

          over a maximum of 30 hops:



            1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  unknown []

            2     1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms

            3    14 ms    13 ms    13 ms

            4    13 ms    13 ms    13 ms

            5    14 ms    21 ms    14 ms

            6    14 ms    14 ms    14 ms

            7    16 ms    16 ms    17 ms

            8   190 ms   192 ms   191 ms  <<<< HERE IT GETS BAD

            9   182 ms   182 ms   182 ms  xe-10-2-0.edge2.Seattle3.Level3.net [


          10   197 ms   196 ms   195 ms  ae-31-51.ebr1.Seattle1.Level3.net []



          11   195 ms   196 ms   194 ms  ae-7-7.ebr2.SanJose1.Level3.net []

          12   195 ms   195 ms   194 ms  ae-2-2.ebr2.SanJose5.Level3.net []

          13   196 ms   198 ms   196 ms  ae-6-6.ebr2.LosAngeles1.Level3.net [


          14   196 ms   195 ms   196 ms  ae-72-72.csw2.LosAngeles1.Level3.net [


          15   193 ms   192 ms   193 ms  ae-71-71.ebr1.LosAngeles1.Level3.net [


          16   195 ms   195 ms   194 ms  ae-1-4.bar1.LasVegas1.Level3.net []



          17   194 ms   195 ms   195 ms  SWITCH-COMM.bar1.LasVegas1.Level3.net [205.129.1


          18   196 ms   196 ms   195 ms  vl3104.lvssw-2.sonyonline.net []

          19   193 ms   193 ms   193 ms  lvspsn-liv-gw01.station.sony.com []





          Trace complete.