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    No Broadband coverage in the heart of the City?


      I was disappointed by your agent telling me that in the location I am about to transfer has no broadband connection. How true is it? Same proceeding I did before when I applied for a connection, I conducted a survey along the vicinity of my new place and found out that there were even posts in front of my house. The agent was even pushing me to get a wimax.. I am not sold out to get such services since I have an online school and the services I need a 3mbps connection. I also wonder that at Buenavista Subd (who is quite far from the city, remote) has line connection, how come that at the heart of the city, there were none? please kindly check on the agent you had who call at around 10:50 am with this num. 029020330 and talktoGlobe customer serv. agents. Furthermore, attached are the photos of the box and the post which are steps behind or steps ahead of my house. Also please look into the google map of my location: https://www.google.com.ph/maps/place/Juan+Valencia+St/@10.7982589,122.9745606,20z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x33af29e3abc2984d:0xc2cf787b0b5e0cff?hl=en


      ALL OF THE POSTS AND THE BOX are located along Juan Valencia St. those 3 pics are the only pics I took but the street until SNES Globe had several posts. Beside, when I had conducted occular inspection, globe personnels are on the site doing line check and repair. How this could be that your agent would inform that there were no lines and no broadband coverage?