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    Lost phone


      Good evening. I just want to ask. The phone that I got with my plan 499 was snatched from me this morning. I have already reported this to your CSR's and they said that they will be sending me a brand new sim card before or after 5 working days. My question is, is there something I can do to avail another phone from you using my current plan? Like the lenovo a680 that is on the same plan as I availed. Can I have the phone for like an additional monthly cashout fee? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. I am very pleased by your good service. Thank you.

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          Sorry for the loss of your phone. It was a good thing that Globe would be sending you a new sim card in around 5 working days but if you want it faster, a visit to a Globe Business Center would make your sim card available right away. Note that you have to give an allowance for your sim to be activated and if there is no problem with the system, you can expect it to be active within 2 hours. (they would usually say 24 to 48 hours).


          Regarding a replacement phone.... sorry but I do not know of any existing Globe policy which would make it possible for you to get another phone if you are still under contract with the phone that was snatched from you. If you are not under contract anymore then a recontracting with a free phone could be availed of.

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            Maybe it is possible if your plan is currently enrolled with Gadget Care..