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    Authorisation failure


      I have a mobile Wifi attached to a tablet. tablet is set to WLAN. The signal is excellent. WIFI key as been entered. message comes back "Authorisation Failed" .. Why ? and how do I fix this please.

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          Change or double check your Mobile Wifi Password

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            Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

            Hi allanlyn, Forget first the Wifi Profile from your device, you can do so by going to wifi setting then long press the Wifi profile and you will see the Forget wifi option, once done try connecting again and input the right password. wifi password is case sensitive.

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                Thank you for your reply, however this came from Globe ... it worked just

                fine and could help others.






                Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have

                caused you.




                Kindly restart your Tattoo mobile Wi-Fi device and restore to the factory

                default settings by holding the WPS and Power buttons simultaneously until

                the LED screen turns off and then release the buttons.




                Here are the steps to change Globe Tattoo Wi-Fi password after restoring

                the factory default settings:




                1. Plug Tattoo device on your computer.


                2. Open Internet Browser to Log In details are:


                Username: Admin


                Password: admin


                3. After logging in you can see the management page below. Pay attention to

                the status indicators on the top right corner. When moving the mouse to

                each indicator, the page will prompt current status automatically.


                4. Click WLAN settings button to configure detail WLAN parameters.




                WLAN Module: ON


                Name (SSID: The name of Wi-Fi you can change this if you want)


                802.11 Authentication: WPA-PSK


                WPA Encryption: AES


                WPA Pre-Shared Key: (Type any password that you desire to use) Note: You

                can check "Show password" to check if you're typing




                You can change Wi-Fi password in WPA Pre-shared Key and then click "Apply”

                to save.




                Then try to connect with the Wi-Fi and input the password that you saved in

                the Globe Tattoo device.




                For immediate assistance on other inquiries, you may visit our website at

                www.globe.com.ph or contact us through any of the following channels:




                Email address: [email protected]

                Globe Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/globeph

                @talk2GLOBE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/talk2globe

                Talk2GLOBE Chat: http://www.globe.com.ph/talk2globe

                Talk2GLOBE on Yahoo Messenger: add Talk2GLOBECHAT as your Yahoo buddy





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