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    Broadband Connection Problems


      I am getting frustrated with a globe broadband our internet connection has been having problems since God knows when.. for the past year we have noticed that every other month or every two months nasisira ang connection and calling tech support is no help at all.. they always send onsite technicians. The problem with this 3rd party onsite technicians AsiaTech ata un is they are a bunch of liars irereport nila sa globe na tumawag sila or nagtext kasi papunta na daw sila sa customer but most of the time we dont get a call or text and lagi nilang ginagawa ay miss call. One time inabangan namin maghapon walang dumating. But when we complained to globe the report said daw na pumunta sila wala daw kami sa bahay. Wow lang diba! And dati 1-2 days lang ang turn around time ng onsite repair ngayon 3 days na! Wondering why? Dahil marami silang repairs? Kung ganun that isnt a good sign na karaming repairs only means maraming sira.. we get super low connection speed too ours is 2mbps but there are several days in a week na less than 1mbps at sometimes 0.20 pa... we are paying monthly but doesnt get our money's worth.. every time you ask cust service or tech support for a manager who supposedly has the authority to escalate your concern to the service team wala din maitulong... puro scripted din ang sagot... naging managers or supervisors pa sila if wala silang authority and wala silang contact sa mga ibang dept. who handles specific tasks.. parang the one who handles the service team or whatever they call it are ghosts. Even the managers dont know who they are.. kahit isang contact person wala.. kaya no sense if i escalate  ang mga connection issues dahil ang totoo sinasabi lang nilq na i escalate nila i note nila pero all talk and no action naman talaga... you have super poor customer service at technical support Globe.. VERY FRUSTRATING! 3 DAYS ANG SCHED NG ONSITE TECH? NAPAKATAGAL NUN especially if you have an online business wala na patay ka na..