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    BBM on Q10


      Naka-BBM chat ako dati gamit ang Tour at plano ko mag upgrade to Q10. Now I recall reading somewhere that OS10 works on a different internet schema, that BES/BIS does not apply to OS10 and all.


      So my question is: why did the chicken cross the road?


      No srsly, pwede ba ang BB Chat na add-on for Q10?




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          hi n00bi3 the chicken crossed the road obviously to get to the other side.  What's on the other side is the chicken's business.


          But to answer your real question, BB Chat add-on does not apply to Q10s since the BB OS10 is a different platform from BB OS 7.xx and down which still uses the Blackberry gateway to access the internet and the BB services like BBM. 

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            BTW, would anyone know if 100mb/month is enough for BBM alone?

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                Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


                You may try if BB Chat will work for Q10.


                PROMO     PRICE     DESCRIPTION                                        HOW TO REGISTER

                BBCHAT15     P15     All-day BB Chat + 100 FREE SMSText      BBCHAT15 to 8888

                BBCHAT99     P99     All-month BB Chat + 200 FREE SMSText  BBCHAT99 to 8888

                (I suppose you are using a Prepaid Account.)

                As for your question if 100mb/month is enough for BB<. I would like to think so. If you are not sharing files via BBM just for messaging, 100mb is just fine.


                But definitely, 100mb/month is not enough for BlackBerry Q10.


                Have a wonderful day!




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