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    we follow a 7-day return policy.

      • Is the 7-day policy allowable?

      No. The 7-day policy is a store policy which is over and above the warranty rule that all products sold must have at least 60 days warranty period.




      What if the defect o issues of the phone occur after 7 days? I've got my Lenovo A680 thru online. The problem is the TILT of the phone especially when my daughter playing Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          iamerick007 na try mo update yung phone or reset ung phone to default? Kung sa tingin mo defective yung handset pwede mo surrender sa Globe business center.


          since after 7 days na sya it will fall na sa 1-Year warranty period nung product. You can surrender or raise your concern sa globe business store bring lang valid ID in case. Discuss mo na lang yung defect sa phone mo para ma check din nila. Prior to that back up mo mga important information or data sa phone mo since you will need to surrender your phone at una na gagawin ng technician is complete reset ng phone pwede rin sa software.

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            Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


            PHONE REPLACEMENT: Get an automatic replacement for any phone you get from Globe, within 7 days from date of purchase, no questions asked.


            If you've just signed up for your postpaid plan and found your brand-new phone to have a few quirks not quite to your liking, we will give you a brand-new replacement within 7 days, no questions, no hassles*.


            DTI doesn't prohibit Globe from providing Guarantees like the Phone Replacement.  The Phone Replacement Guarantee is different from the Handset Replacement Warranty and the 1 year (Service) Warranty.


            As for your concern, if there is a defect, even beyond seven days, you may request and ask for a replacement.  But of course the defect should be acknowledged by Globe and/or the manufacturer's service center.


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              Globe is actually doing an extra step in providing a 7day no questions asked policy when the unit is returned to the Globe Business Center where it originated.


              Do remember that the official warranty is not only 60 days as prescribed by the DTI but 1 year from date of purchase which is actually 6 times more than mentioned.


              After the 7 day return policy however, it is advised that the phone be serviced by the authorized service center of your phone and not through Globe (exceptions are the iphones and blackberries of which Globe is authorized to receive them for servicing and replacement) unless you want the process to take a longer time since Globe would have to schedule the unit for pick-up by the authorized service center which could take another week added to the usual service time.


              For Lenovo repair centers and/or drop-off points you may refer to   Service Center | Lenovo Mobile Philippines

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                @hcescala @WILLfindways @ChitoReyes - Thanks Guys :salute:


                I'll try to visit the Globe store this weekend and keep you posted.