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    recontracting badtrip!!


      i am due for recontracting they always tell me that the unit i want for the recontracting of my plan is not available. but if for those who are applying for a new line it is available. how come the loyal plan holders of globe are being treated like this? they are giving their loyal plan holders a hard time. i'm disappointed with globe now.

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          HI Jaypeabee,

          After end of your contract you can recontract your plan & get some loyalty rewards like handset,rebates etc, depending on what you choose or if its available.

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            Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


            I understand your concern.


            Each Sales Channel has its own Inventory. When your choice of device is not available, it's not available not because you are an existing client and Globe want your life to be miserable. They cannot provide the device simply because it's not available from the Inventory of the Recontracting/Loyalty Department.


            But allow me to help you with your concern.


            You may try to call the Recontracting Hotline (again) and ask them if they can check the inventory of other departments and look for your device of choice.  Of course they will not promise anything.  But I am handsome sure they can assist you with this request.


            If I may ask, which (not so) smartphone are you looking for?


            Have a wonderful day!




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