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    bad globe


      yup. i chose to have a new handset. but every time i ask for the handset i want they tell me i'm going to get it for free but it is not available. but if you ask for the same unit and you are opening a new line it is available. i can't help but get disappointed. for recontracting they would'nt give you the unit but for new applications its available. so the new line applicants are prioritized than those due for recontracting.

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          It has always been the problem with recontracting as its allocation of units would be different from new applications (even if Globe denies it)


          My advice is just to avail of Bill rebates (which is around 47%-48% of your MSF for 24 months) over a new phone which depreciates over time. It's more practical and financially more sound and you could opt to terminate anytime without being charged at all. You can use the savings to buy another phone outside which comes out the same price or even lower and not to mention that they are not network locked.

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            Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

            Its an open secret, welcome to re-contracting pain in the [email protected]#$%^.

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                Hi! There are different types of models kasi. When I worked with Globe, they had a LOYALTY model and a New Application Model but there were few Loyalty Models lang cause you need to call the hotline to get the loyalty na daw. You cannot go to the Customer Service and ask for a new phone. So, there are less loyalty model thus harder to get one except you had it with the hotline with the "Available" note.

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                    Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


                    Hi, Jeian! What are you talking about?


                    Loyalty and New Application Model? Model? Like a Business Process Model? Or do you mean there is a Loyalty Inventory and a New Application Inventory?


                    Anyway, I will not beg to disagree that Globe favors New Line Application better than Recontracting Application.


                    I would like to believe that the device is really not available from the Recontracting Channel's inventory. Nothing more. Nothing less.


                    Call the Recontracting Hotline again and tell them to source the device that you want from other Channels.


                    Have a wonderful day!




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                    P.S. Did I mention that I am not a fan of rebates? Hello, Tito Chito! Kumusta po ang mga Home Owners?

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                  Hi jaypeabee! May I know where you tried re-contracting? Thanks!

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                    Paulo D

                    Hi jaypeabee!


                    Sent you a private message which you can view from the menu above.

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                      This is what fuels my irritation with globe. Do you that you can also get phones at a lower price if you are a new subscriber? It will not be easy for us to leave globe kasi we depend so much on our old numbers so I think that is the price we are paying for. But that should not be it. Let us go somewhere else kaya? Maybe that will prove to be a smart decision.

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                          The price is the same whether new or recontracting... it's the availability that is the issue. Repeatedly I would recommend a bill rebate over a device when recontracting as it comes out more beneficial financially in the long term against a device which drastically depreciates over time.


                          As with going down to basics, the only time it would be a smarter move to switch to another network is if it has a better signal in places where you often go to... the very purpose why we should subscribe in the first place and not because of the devices being offered.