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    High data rates on LTE but slow connection - What's going on?


      I have installed a 4G LTE router and achieve an excellent signal - all signal bars lit and the following status:

      2Service status:Valid service
      3Cell ID0142057-001
      5RSSI (dBm):-51
      6RSRP (dBm):-77
      7RSRQ (dB):-10
      8SINR (dB):23


      When I check the speed with Ookla Speedtest, I've seen data rates of up to 42Mbps down and 12Mbps up.  Obviously these value are dependent on time of day (network congestion), but I've never seen less than 8Mbps down and 6Mbps up.


      I wonder why, therefore, the real-life performance of my Internet connection is so poor.  I get frequent timeouts while browsing.  As an example, I have just typed a single word search (the word is 'everyday') into Google and it took 30 seconds for the first page of results to be returned, while Google reports that the search was completed in three tenths of a second, producing 430 million results.


      If I connect to my 2Mbps adsl service, most actions complete much faster than they do on the LTE.  The exception is that most large file downloads complete much faster on LTE than they do on adsl.


      Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

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          Very strange!  By the time I went to bed last night, everything was working normally with no unusual delays.  A google search returned the result in less than a second.  However, this morning my connection has returned to being very slow again.


          What is the problem here?

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              It could be a problem with the tower or the CELL ID you were connected with. Call the hotline and tell you expirience time-based slow browsing

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                  Well, I reported the problem to Globe and received a Case Id #, forwarded to the support group, but nothing has changed and I've had no meaningful response other that reboot my device!


                  I think that it's simply a fact that this Globe GoSurf plan will never give good performance, and I think that it's all to do with:

                  1) the connection is handled through a nat service, hence the IP address I'm assigned is a private address: 10.x.x.x.

                  2) Globe dns servers supply proxy server addresses for some sites (eg www.google.com.ph).

                  3) Globe block dns requests to dns servers outside of their own network, so I cannot use any public DNS server.

                  4) The Globe dns servers cannot handle a reverse dns lookup for any site which is proxied, returning a SERVFAIL status.  This results in delays due to 10 second timeouts.

                  5) Ping and (some?) browsers perform reverse dns lookups as part of their normal operation.  This results in each ping taking ten seconds to process and Google searches to take up to 30 seconds to display results.


                  I have reverted to my original 2Mb adsl connection and everything is working well again (no change within my own LAN configuration, other than changing router), just that large downloads run much slower.


                  I have attempted to cancel my GoSurf 999 registration by texting GOSURF 999 STOP to 8888.  The response is "Sorry, we cannot process your GoSurf request at this time. Please try again later".  Needless to say, I've tried to cancel many times, with no success.


                  Ah well, I paid Php1000 when I subscribed - Globe will have to think again if they expect me to pay them any more!


                  All I can say  is that the Globe LTE service sucks big time!