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    Error 504 (Gateway timeout)


      I'm a Globe LTE subscriber and having problem visiting www.1shoppingcart.com as it always shows 504 error (Gateway Timeout Error). The said website is working properly using different ISPs (PLDT, Smart and Sky Broadband).


      Already reported this issue on Globe's technical hotline. They just told me that the concern has been escalated but it was almost a month since I reported the problem but there's still no solution.


      Anyone having the same problem?

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          The website is properly working. It could be on your end alone or the problem is the website limiting the number of congruent users on the same I.P.

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              Thank you for your response Jelan.


              Are you also a Home LTE subscriber? I have asked my colleagues who are using the same service (Globe LTE) to access the site and had the same result.


              This is a public website and limiting access to user's with the same IP is highly improbable especially when they are selling their products and services there.


              I have already applied all the possible solution:


              1. Conducted ping and traceroute

              2. Changing the DNS

              3. Restarting the router

              4. Clearing browser cache

              5. Tried other devices (Mobiles, Tablet and PCs) to access the site.


              The problem was reported to Globe's technical support but with no definite solution.


              Anybody there who can access the website with the same service (Globe LTE)? I'm starting to doubt Globe's capability to negotiate and create route to other DNS servers.

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              I think this is a BIG problem with Globe Telecoms. I also often experience this 504 error. Try accessing http://www.thelobbyist.biz using Globe connection, this will give you 504 error. Most of our web subscribers/online columnist are asking if our website is down even though its not, and we ask them what connection they used and they told us that its Globe.  Subscribers should not be given just a band-aid solution but a concrete solution and these solutions should not be coming from us and we are not the one who should be doing this DNS thing. Hope that Globe Telecoms resolves this issue once and for all.

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                I'm using a prepaid Globe Tattoo USB device. I get Gateway timeouts at the US patent and trademark site (uspto.gov) and at efs.uspto.gov, and at , and at, and also at the US National Library of Medicine website or at addresses therein. I have had some occasional luck accessing these sites in off hours. Today I had to go to Star Computer in Toledo City, bringing a USB drive that had my digital certificate and various pdf documents in order to file a patent application because I was getting Gateway timeout errors. It was slow going at Star computer, but at least I was able to file the patent application for my client.