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    LG G3


      when will globe offers an LG G3 plan..and how much monthly?

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          I tried my luck Monday and was able to renew my contract and availed the LG G3. I couldnt believe it at first but alas, the unit was delivered to me the very next day.  Its a black LG G3. Im still on Unlisurf 1799 with a cash out of P4,800..00 and 24 months lock in period. Though no freebies included unlike when you purchase from LG. Also only White and Gray (Black) are available. I havent seen any official press about Globe carrying this though.

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            Paulo D

            Hi kiriness! Welcome to Globe Community!


            Stay tuned for future offers and announcements from Globe. In any case, you can refer to Postpaid for more info.

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