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      I just want to share my experience with GMovies virtual tickets  when me and my girlfriend decided to watch the Iron Man 3 during the weekend. Since I believe that this movie is a blockbuster and to avoid the long queue in purchasing movie tickets, I decided to buy our tickets using Gmovies app. I received an email confirmation and a picture of our virtual tickets on my mobile phone. it says..


      To claim you tickets:

      1. Proceed to the cinema and go straight to the cinema entrance reflected in your virtual movie ticket

      2. Show your mobile phone containing barcode/confirmation code of the virtual movie ticket to the cinema porter

      3. Flash your mobile phone at the barcode reader at the entrance. In some cases, cinema proter will input the confirmation code found in the virtual ticket on a computer by the entrance.


      .. and so on...


      We followed the instructions and showed our virtual movie tickets to the porter, to my surprise she has no clue on what to do with our virtual tickets. She said I should've printed the confirmation/tickets. I told her that according to our "virtual tickets", we just have to present our mobile phone  (barcode/TRIC number etc) but she's insisting to have our tickets printed. I am about to lose my temper and was about to summon her manager when she decided to let us in after showing my credit card I used to purchase the tickets and filling out the form she gave me.
       In conclusion, we missed the first 30 minutes of the movie because of what happened. I hope that Globe will coordinate with these movie houses to check if the employees are aware with this kind of process. All i wanted is convenience but based on my experience at that cinema I can say that it's a total inconvenience.





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          Hello! Anne here of the GMOVIES Team. Thanks for reaching out!


          You are right, there is no need to print out the tickets. Can you please send us an email [[email protected]] with your ticket details? We've discussed your unfavorable GMOVIES experience with Ayala Cinemas and they're now in the process of investigating the root cause and taking action to make sure that this situation doesn't happen again. :smileyhappy:

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            Thank AnnO.. the email is on its way
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                Currently, the process is to just show the virtual ticket from your mobile phone to the person outside the cinema house and they'll verify it on their computer. Since the barcode reader isn't working, they're tasked to just get the confirmation code below the barcode, verify it and let the customers inside the cinema. I used GMOVIES twice already and the whole verification process only took me maximum of 5 minutes. No need to fall in line for the ticket counter to print your ticket. :smileywink: