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    Globe LTE 4G @ home at plan 3 Mbps.


      This is rather a post to show how disappointed I am with how Globe's services are. I subscribe to a Globe 1 Mbps Wimax plan, it was great the 1mbps promised was available any time you need it. I stayed with that plan for 2 years, then after a few months issues arise. Slow internet speeds, Disconnection issues, Connected but no browse issues. So we called Globe and they there technicians and they did the "SOP" they usually do. Then the technician said the issues were because of high usage in the area we were, so he suggested that we upgrade to their LTE @ home plans. So we did, we subscribed to their 3 Mbps plan.  The internet speeds were better and faster of course, but it only for the first month and after that? Guess what! its like we were back with our Wimax plan. The said issues were present with the current plan too, we called Globe and they sent technicians twice and guess what? nothing was resolved.


      I guess I'll just leave it to that.