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    Currently having an issue with my modem. Any suggestions?




      I was thinking of requesting for a new modem. I badly need to change it. Why? You see, I have a VPN account. I connect to it via the UDP protocol, which is far faster than the TCP protocol.  I use OpenVPN to connect to the said protocols. TCP is slower than UDP. Now, whenever I use my other ISP, for example, my SMART LTE, I can connect to all ports and all types of protocols. For my existing connection which is the Globe Tattoo DSL, only TCP works. Not UDP. There is no problem with my computer because I used different computers and used different ISPs. I think my current modem has a built-in firewall and restricting something. I tried to access my modem's GUI, but it does not have any Settings about Firewall. My modem's programmed to hide some powerful settings, which annoys me a lot. I want a modem wherein I am free to customize everything, and to unrestricted access to  a few settings in order to use some of my subscribed services properly.


      My Mac's firewall is turned off, well, it's actually turned off by default, same with my Windows-based laptop.


      I asked for opinions, they said that other models of Aztech and the latest models of Prolink devices allows you to access and control such features.


      Another thing, the contact form on Globe's website does not work. There's always an "internal server error" message.