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    RECONTRACTING more expensive than new line.TRAPPED WITH GLOBE because you cannot keep old number


      I have been a globe postpaid user for 2 years. Now, I feel trapped with my number because of seemingly unfair recontracting offers. I saw an enticing offer in this site where you could get a Samsung Note 2 plus a Tab 3 Wifi, I have been contemplating for a few weeks now regarding the unit I should get and I find this offer really good. I contacted their chat service and I told them that I want that offer. My credit limit is at 1796 so I thought the 1699 plan was well inside that? Sadly, though Eduard the chat guy informed me that the offer is not available for recontracting customers. The said offer has a 4,800 peso cash-out at plan 1799. I asked him if I could apply for that and he told me I cannot hold on to my old number. My first question is why? Do you guys there trap us with our numbers so you could milk more from us from units you will happily give new customers for a lower amount? I want a logical explanation. Noone has even informed of peso value that Im seeing in the message boards now?  Posting link of LTE plans = LTE Plans | Postpaid Promos - Globe Telecom

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          A promo or an offer for a specific purpose is meant to entice customers into availing of that product or service. In this case, Globe's purpose is to entice potential subscribers into going "Globe".


          We are actually lucky now that because of competition, some companies offer "recontracting promos" in order to retain its present base of customers... something that some of us did not enjoy many, many years ago. In fact, PLDT, Skycable, MERALCO, Manila Water and other utility companies with or without competition do not offer privileges for loyalty.


          A logical answer here is that it is Globe's (or for that matter any company's) prerogative to make attractive offers targeted to a special niche in order to accomplish its objectives.


          Keeping their customers is another issue and Globe has its ways in doing so whether we agree with them or not. We may want to enjoy the privileges that we could think of but we just have to weigh our options if it would still be more practical and beneficial for us if these privileges would not be given.

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            Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


            The offers for New Lines Application may or may not differ for the offers in Recontracting. Available Handset Offers may change.


            Please don't feel trapped. Because you are not. It's all in your mind.


            Here's what I would like you to do.


            Call back the Recontracting Hotline. If the creature from the hotline provides you the same Handset with the Cashout ( that you can afford to pay but rather not to since you've said it is being offered without Cashout for New Line Applications), request for the Waiver of Cashout out of Loyalty, Good WILL, etc,


            I am sure they can consider you kind request.


            Have a wonderful day!




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