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    Why do I have an outstanding balance? I just got the phone.


      Good Afternoon. Hi, I applied for Globe Postpaid Plan 1799 with a free gadget. I got the phone last July 16, 2014 with a payment of 1800. I got 5GB Surfing, and 1101 consumables. But on July 25, 2014, I received a text mssg saying I have an outstanding balance of 300 and it's due on Aug 10, 2014. And my cut-off is on 20.


      1st question : Why do I have an outstanding balance of 300? I haven't even consumed my consumables.


      2nd question : When is my bill gonna arrive?


      and 3rd question : I don't really understand the cut-off date. When um I going to pay?


      THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. I'm New subscriber.

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          dvdert69 hi. Based on the data you provided, your first bill is equal to the first cutoff as of July 20 which covers the period July 16-20. Then the MRF of 1799 for the next billing cycle covering July 21 to August 20 has also been billed in advance. In summary, your first bill might look like the following:


          Usage July 16-20.      =   299.83

          MRF July 21-Aug20.   = 1,799.00

          Total.                           = 2,098.83

          Less: first payment.     = 1,800.00

          Balance due on Aug10=    298.83 or around 300.


          Second, your bill may arrive next week. Did you enroll in paperless billing? If so, expect your first bill in your email anytime next week.


          Third, your billing cycle and consequently your monthly bill cut off is being assigned by Globe, depending on when your account was first activated. Based on the info given to you thru SMS, your bill cut off is every 20th of the month and your due date to pay is the 10th of the month following.

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            Hi dvdert69,


            I tried to compute the pro-rate amount for july 16th  to your cutoffdate which is 20th, so you have 5 days before your cutoffdate.

            Here's the computation.

            1799 is your Monthly Bill for the plan the you availed.


            1799 / 30days = 59.96666666

            59.96 x 5days = 299.8  so i think this amount is your outstanding balance. but dont worry expect your bill next cutoffdate  to be 1799. for July 20   to August 20 of using your plan.