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    Planning to switch from PLDT DSL (3mbps) to Globe's 3mbps plan. Any comments if Globe is any better than PLDT's services?


      I've recently learned that Globe offers a much lower rate for its internet connection plans compared with PLDT (which does not include the landline fee in their "high-speed" plans). So my Qs are these:


      - Does Globe offer unli landline calls to its subscribers? And is the landline fee already included in their 'price' (Ex. Php1299 for 3mbps+landline connection)?
      - Are all Globe connections wireless? (I have an online part-time job kasi that requires me to have a DSL or wired connection)

      - Are the data packages unlimited? (Because I've heard na may limit ang Globe. I can't have that )
      - Are there anyone here who are PLDT subscribers in the past and have switched to Globe? If so, can you tell me if you experience any "frustrations" from Globe's services?


      I'm looking forward to your gracious answers. Thank you! ^____^