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    Why is that my Gcash Amex Card is being decline by Clash of Clans at Google Playstore?


      Hi all,


      I have tried to use my Gcash Amex Card at Clash of Clans because i want to buy gems there. Since i don't have Credit Card. It is being decline by the Google Playstore. What is the possible cause of this it has been 4 days since my cash-in ( i have put all the address according to my us address etc). Most of the forums says it takes 2-3 days only to verify my Card but for me it took 4 days now and still my Gcash Amex card is being Decline. And i haven't received any verification from Google Playstore. I have subscribed to Amex for 1 years and paid P250. Plus when i try to buy the gems they deducted me $1. Then it said they have decline my card etc. So i waited 30 mins again. Then i have tried it for about 5x but they did not deducted me. But when i tried my 6th attempt. They have deducted me and now my P900 balance was brought down to P770. The hell!!! and so i was alarmed  Please help i'm desperate to make this thing work on Clash of Clans.


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