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    Slow internet connection @Tattoo Home Broadband LTE




      Last July 27, 2014 (sunday) ,Tattoo home broadband LTE installation was said to be completed although the internet connection speed via speedtest.net was just playing around 0.6 to 0.8MBPS. The technician said that our connection speed will improve after our sim/account has been activated, so we waited for 2days for our account to be activated.


      2days later


      July 29, 2014

      I called the customer service to verify if our account has been activated, according to the customer service representative our account has been already activated.



      Since July 27,2014 up until now, we did not notice any significant improvements with our connection. I am aware that our plan has a daily data limit but even without exceeding to that 10gb data cap per day, we experiencing a slow connection for what we are paying for.


      How can we improve our Tattoo Home Broadband internet connection speed? Can we ask for a refund?


      ScreenShot via speedtest.net as of July 29 2014 2:57PM



      Additional info:


      Plan 1599: 5mbps

      Landline Phone:activated

      Signal Strength: always 5bars

      Location:Angono Rizal Mahabang parang

      Number of Computers Connected: only 1 computer