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    Globe Postpaid internet sim's signal is gone when phone sleeps


      Hi guys. So I'm having this issue regarding my internet sim card. The signal is usually lost like every 2-3 hrs after use or even when my phone sleeps. It happened a lot of times already and I don't know how to fix it. Sometimes, i just let my phone sleep (with a switched on cellular data) and after a few minutes or hours, the 3g indicated beside the signal is gone. I will again turn the cellular data on and off but nothing changes. I will restart my phone and it fixes. Then my 3g will work again after restarting. Then the same will happen after i leave it on sleep or when i'm not using it. Again, fixes after I restart my phone. I'm using an iPhone 5s but this is not a device provided by globe.


      Please help me. Thank you! :)