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    How to request a refund on GCash AmEx Virtual Pay?


      ok so i subcribed to GCash AmEx Virtual Pay so that i could online shop internationally. i ordered a shirt on Hot Topic last June 28, but Hot Topic emailed me the day after that my credit card (GCash AmEx Virtual Pay) was declined after several attempts. and if they don't receive a new form of payment within 10 days, they would cancel my order. fast forward to 10 days, i didn't send them a new form of payment so they cancelled my item. so, i decided to request for a refund but every time i try to send them a request, it just says"Internal Error! Please try again later."


      like this:



      i've been trying for 2 weeks now. i even called their hotline 2882 but that was no help because i couldn't talk directly to a globe representative. also i haven't been to Globe because i don't have the time. so if anyone out there could help me figure this one out, please tell me where i went wrong, what can i do to fix this, and if you have had the same problem how did u fix it??? please help because i'm so broke i need my money back