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    why recontracting with globe is really frustrating?


      This is happening to me right now. Im up for recontracting. The customer service agent told me that my preffered unit is already on the dispatched (THIS WAS YESTERDAY). And until now i have not received my recontracting form thru email, i gave them 3 email addresses.

      Not one of them received any emails from globe. How can it not be received? I did not went to work yesterday just to wait for the unit and because i havent received any email of recontracting which will serve as a authorization letter. And to my dimay, no recontracting email was sent to me the whole 24 hours and no delivery of the unit which the agents assured that will arrived yesterday between 8am to 5pm.

      Whats up with you globe. Your slacking on you services.


      And who ever would tell me here to direct my concern to your tweeter CS. Shut it because I DONT USE TWITTER! Im already fed up with your excuses. BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD AND BE PUNCTUAL.