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    Text Scam/Spam


      I have recently been swamped with text scam/spam, some of which are scam.  Also I have been receiving text regarding house & lots for sales, networking, loans, etc.  It is annoying, and would sometimes be sent to you during ungodly hours, such as 2-3 am in the morning.  I am using an iPhone so I have blocked the sender in my file, but after doing so another number would be sending me more or less the same text.  Is there any possible way to totally block these text scammers/spammers?


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          mranola you can report it here also: Spam Message Report or via twitter @talk2globe. Any spam you received, just block those numbers, as of now there is no way to totally block or stop all spammers since they can easily buy new sims to any network and we still don't have a law that require everyone to register their numbers.

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            jujut ..

            if you are a postpaid user you can call the Globe HL w/c is 211 to have the numbers blocked to NTC and if your sim is prepaid you can still call the HL(211) if your sim is Tm you can call 808.

            And if you want you can also request to have your number changed even the last digits of your regular number but you have to pay for 500 pesos per digit.. but much better if you will call the HL to report this text Scam/Spam.if the number you recieving from is a postpaid number Globe HL will be able to contact that person and he/she will be going under investigation if the number is prepaid Globe HL will refer you to NTC or you can contact them to this #


            NTC Metro Manila
            BIR Rd., East Triagle, Diliman, Quezon City


            Tel: (02) 926-7722
            Fax: (02) 924-4072 / 929-5112
            Email: [email protected]