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    VIP rewards


      I have accounts with globe that are already qualified for VIP rewards, wherein I get a free item, sm card, spare sim, and monthly reward freebie. I received my SM cards but not the rest.

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          arvin888 It's not new to Globe when it comes to reward they are so slow offering or provide it to their subscribers unless you call them and demand to redeem them. Just like what I have experience with my plan, after the contract you are not offered rewards if you wish to continue the contract (specially the bill rebate) instead they will offer you to get another plan, new device and a new 2 year lock-in period. I don't know why Globe work this way this is also reason some of their loyal subscribers ditch them for other telcos which provide a much better rewards to their subscribers. Needless to say, since you are already a qualified for VIP rewards, just call the hotline or yet better visit their centers I think for VIP you have separate support for it so you will be prioritized.