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    Can anyone give a definite time line on the area network restoration in Biñan, Laguna? It's been three weeks and still, no one can give a proper schedule of restoration.


      Been trying to call Globe tech specialist almost everyday for the past three weeks. The answer to my inquiry on the date or specific time of network restoration still has no answer. It remains indefinite. Even the Technical Specialist admits that even though that there are reports from field techs that network restoration is on-going, none of them can verify or confirm if all of these are really on the works right now. All they know is that there has been damage to the Cabinet, which i think based on the number of calls and reports that I've made to them to complain of network issues prior to the storm and within the duration of our tenure with the service, seems to have always been affected by any sort of watery/liquid substance. The thing is, can anyone give a detailed report or at least the current status or a DEFINITE timeline for restoration. And by the way, please don't ask me to monitor, because our line has been severed as well and I can't seem to remember how many times I have shared that information with the Tech Specialists. Cheers. One definite timeline please.