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    My Gcash Amex Account is declined


      Hi! I believe I am allowed to charge my Gcash Amex to my postpaid bill. It says in your FAQs that the P500 limit is per every 1st day of the month. Now this is the case, today is August 4 I am supposed to purchase in the Google Play however it says that my account has been declined or is invalid. Please give some insights why is this happening or what should I do then. I was able to purchase charged to my postpaid bill last July 2014. Thanks in advance for your help

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          Please call the hotline at 2882 for GCASH


          Meanwhile, you can check if you are still registered to GCASH AMEX.

          Then, after that verify that you have available money, or credit.

          Call 2882 and verify if you have the capability to have the credit on your bill



          Then, re-change your Security Code. Then, Try Again.

          Then, delete and re-register your credit card details with the new security code

          Then, Try again.


          (the $1 verification procedure will also be applied again