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    Crappy Customer Service After Typhoon Glenda, Help


      Ever since typhoon Glenda, there has been a great decline in the quality of service Globe provide to their customers.


      1. Almost 3 weeks had past since typhoon Glenda, still our internet connection is not restored (3 years subscriber)

      • Tried calling every 24 hours (or every other day) as recommended by the clients for feedback but I never received any calls.
      • Too tired of following up, decided to just end my subscription.


      2. Applied for a new line (Globe) because they told me it would be faster instead of waiting for repairs with no definite schedule (July 28)

      • Application approved within 24 hours, confirmed installation will be on next day, July 30 between 1-5 pm. (July 29)
      • Waited for their install team the whole day but no one came. (July 30)
      • Called customer service hotline every other day to follow up. They told me it was a high priority case and it has already been escalated to their supervisors. Still, no response from their support team.


      Can somebody please tell me what's going on? GlennO