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    Why did Globe billed me for my 2MBPS Bundle for a total of P1,908 when the contract that I signed amounted to P1,299.00?


      I subscribed to a 2MBPS BUNDLE with a contract cost of P1,099.00 plus a Wireless Landline unit phone that cost P1200.00 which is to be amortized in six months at P200.00 per month. But when I received my first monthly bill, I was surprised that I am being billed Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) at the rate of P1,791.96 plus an additional VAT amounting to P215.04. I could not afford this MRF of P1,791.96 and VAT (P215.05). What shall I do? There seems to be additional hidden costs that were not made clear in the contract paper. I am asking Globe to point out those additional charges to me. Should Globe choose to terminate my contract with them, I will not object to it. I could not pay the current amount of bill.