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    When can I received my Handset?


      Hi Everyone! I applied online last July 23, 2014 and confirmed that my application is already approved.

      My concern is until now the phone/handset (SAMSUNG S4) I applied for is still out of stock! Can someone help me on this? Thanks so much in advance!

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          Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


          You may contact the agent who assisted you and ask if you can get the handset from the Globe Store of your choice.


          You may also try to avail another handset. I think there is S5 or Note3.




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            eymdebdeb try to contact the sales hotline at 7301010 to check the availability of the handset and the expected delivery date. If the device is still not available you will need to really wait for it. If you will ask if you can just pick up the device at any Globe Store, you will need to inform the sales hotline that this is your request. However, most of the online application are not allowed to pick up the device instead they really need to wait when it will be delivered to them.

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              Thanks so much WILLfindways & zyper95. Hope I can get the handset within this week.