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    I still have the same over-billing problem that I have been fighting since JUNE 2013. Where do I go and who do I need to see to get actual assistance solving this problem? I no longer live on Mindanao and even at least 50 trips to the Globe store that scr


      When I renewed my plan for another 2 years on May 5, 2013 the Malaybalay, Bukidnon store somehow changed the name of the type of plan I just wanted to RENEW and get a new handset. They also removed all the "freebies" and I started getting billed for them. Over the following 6 months I made at least 50 visits to that store trying to solve the billing problem and was always told they had done so, but the bill just keeps getting larger. Now they have started adding bogus charges for a long expired account to the current bill. Since February 2014 I have made trips to Globe Tarlac, Globe Rosales (Pangasinan) and Globe Fort Bonifacio but nobody seems able to solve this problem. Where do I have to travel and who do I have to see in order to get a person with the power and willingness to solve this GLOBE bookkeeping error?