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    Lenovo a680 499 plan


      Bago pa lang ako sa mga postpaid...soo I got the lenovo a680 just now. Ung sa WCDMA/GSM na sim slot(1) hindi ata na dedetect ung globe lte sim. Sa GSM sim slot (2), okay naman. Saka ung m.globe na app need insert daw SIM.


      Need pa ba i-activate ung sim card para ma detect ni slot 1 ung globe sim? If so, pano po?

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          Hi agadrew87,


          I hope you are enjoying your new Postpaid line and your new Lenovo A680!


          From my understanding, you want your phone to connect to Globe's LTE network since you were provided with an LTE micro-SIM, am I right?


          In order for you to enjoy LTE, you actually need 3 things; first is to make sure that your are within an LTE area, second, you need to have an LTE SIM card (which you already do), and third, your phone needs to support LTE (it needs to have an LTE radio built-in to its SoC - System on a Chip),


          The Lenovo A680 however does not have a built in LTE radio. But don't you worry, You're phone does support Globe's 4G HSPA+ network.


          I suggest that you keep your Postpaid SIM on Slot 1, and keep it set to GSM/WCDMA (Auto), so that you can fully enjoy your data service.

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              Hi, thanks for that information.


              I checked the status of the sim in phone settings, but all are unknown like Phone number, etc...How do I get it to work? Do I have to activate it manually or wait till globe activate my sim? How do I know if the Sim is activated?


              Sorry if I ask too much, Just newbie about this postpaid thingy.

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                  Hi agadrew87


                  It's no problem. I am more than happy to help you out! I remember when I first got my postpaid line years ago, and I wasn't really familiar with how things work. Things have definitely changed since I got my plan a few years back.


                  To answer your question, Globe usually provides blank SIM cards for postpaid lines, meaning that when they issue you a SIM card it hasn't been assigned a number yet. For short, hindi hard coded ang number sa SIM mo (compared sa Prepaid). That means, when you go to SIM settings, it will show that the number is unknown (I know, it can be annoying...but trust me, you'll live with it.)


                  Anyway, you'll know that your SIM is already active if your phone is now able to get any signal (and it will also state that you should see the word Globe when you pull down your phone's notification shade - the black bar on top of your phone.). But I suggest that you turn your phone off, and turn it back on so that the settings will be refreshed.


                  I hope I was able to clear things out!

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                      Thanks for your time anwering my questions.


                      Anyway, yea when I pulled down the notification, it shows "emergency calls only" and the signal has an "X" symbol


                      I guess I have to wait till they updated the sim. Thanks again! God bless.

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                          No problem! It was my pleasure to help a Ka-Globe!


                          I hope your SIM gets activated soon, so that you can start enjoying your postpaid plan and phone.


                          If you have any other (non-account related) questions, feel free to ask the community! Everyone here is willing to help out.


                          If you have any account related concerns, feel free to send a tweet to Globe's Twitter account.


                          Have a Wonderful Day!