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    Very very unfortunate :(


      I had my Samsung galaxy S5 just 2 months ago. Was so happy since this was the first time I have ever set myself up for postpaid account. Unfortunately,  on my way to work one day, 2 guys tried to snatch my bag. I was able to hold on to my things but my phone dropped and it completely shattered the glass screen. I went to globe and they said I don't have insurance and should deal with samsung about this. I went to the Samsung service center and they were asking me to pay 10,500. I can't afford it no more. Look around the other cellphone repair shops but they don't have the parts and I will no longer have my samsung phone warranty. My phone is still working but I know soon it will completely give up on me :( So sad that I have to continue paying this. What's the best thing to do with this phone?