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    Bills Settlement Frustration


      3 times now we went SM CDO to have our Bills corrected but after several statement still the same. We wrote a letter and Customer Service just want us to dial 211 really frustrating now we went back to have our line for final disconnection still we have to Dial a number.  What is the use of these people and putting Customer Service counters? 

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          They probably endorsed it already to a support team who would be investigating your report and there is nothing much to do except to wait. Calling 211 would be the most convenient way rather than lining up just to make a follow up. You may ask 211 if your complaint was recorded.


          I hope you have kept a receiving copy of your letter for reference in the future and a basis for your right not to pay the disputed amount pending on the results of the investigation. You do not have to pay the amount that is in dispute.

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