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    globe ads hijacking my facebook app!


      i have been getting these ads on fb frequently lately and it's really annoying! How do i get rid of this?


      this started with globe's free facebook promo, but it has been over for months. Before, i would get this from time to time which did not really bother me that much, but this week it has been showing up almost every time i open the facebook app on my iphone! what's more is that it even shows up on the facebook app on my smart-sim android phone!


      i have deleted my phone number from facebook, removed recognized devices, and tried all the advices i read so far, but no such luck. i tried reinstalling my facebook app twice, and also deleted my account from my phone, but these annoying ads still show up.


      i have tried getting assistance from globe via their chat, but all they said is that they don't have access to facebook ads. i told asked them if they could please check my GLOBE POSTPAID ACCOUNT if there is anything there that links it to my facebook account, but they said they don't have access to my facebook. of course they don't! *facepalm* i was talking about my globe postpaid account, not my facebook account.


      anyone having the same problem? any solutions?


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