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    Credit Limit Increase


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm a current postpaid subscriber and I'm planning to get an iPhone 5s or 6 once I recontract this coming March. 3 days ago I requested a CL increase from 700 to 1200 online, and luckily it was approved. I'm wanting to request another increase (maybe 1800 or higher) so that my CL will be enough for the iPhone plan. I just want to ask, how long should I wait before requesting for another increase? Also, I have a credit card with 25k CL, will it be enough for me to get approved? I'm not sure what is their basis for approval...

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          You can request for CL increase at any time, Provide the financial documents to support your request, Globe will evaluate and determine if increase was possible basing on the document submitted. Evaluation process is internal, You will be asked to provide additional financial documents if necessary should you wish to proceed with the request.