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    Super Delayed Postpaid Plan Approval


      My husband applied for a postpaid plan last July 26. Until now wala paring approval. Okay naman lahat ng requirements passed. Ang problem na lang is contacting the HR. We already gave the agents all the contact numbers that they could call. And the best time to call. Ang huling update namin, August 8 pa huling nag-try na tumawag ang Globe sa HRD. We're really getting impatient and dissatisfied sa service. Please paki ayos naman sana yung trabaho ninyo. How long do we still have to wait?

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          Usually it's the verification process which delays the application. We have to understand that there is a need for due diligence in the case of Globe to look into the papers of each applicant specially if it the device to be availed of is a very expensive unit.


          Have you tried asking the HR if Globe had indeed try to verify? Some big offices have a schedule for verification and a different time for the results of the verification and your company may have fallen in this category. If not, then it might be Globe's personnel making the follow up as they may have their hands full.


          We've always been saying that in dealing with Globe, patience is a virtue.

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              There are some offices (like my previous company) that HR would require authorization from the employee in such cases (credit card application or postpaid application) someone will call them up for verification so they can provide the necessary information. This is to protect their employees privacy and for security purposes.