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    Broad Band Application: Online VS. Globe Center


      I applied a wired Broadband (business) online. I have already submitted all the requirements week ago. Been following it up everyday since the person I spoke to said that they have already submitted it for approval. During the follow ups they told me that they are having email congestion and the approver department hasn't receive our application so they had to re-send them.


      Our company needs to have the line installed within the week or at least earlier next week but by the flow of our application progress, i don't think that would be possible. I would like to know if I applied directly in Globe Center, would it be faster? I am thinking of applying there instead of waiting for the result of my online application, but I don't know how long will it take.



      I really thought that online application is the most convenient way to apply a service but apparently, it isn't..


      Hopefully someone from globe see this and reply as well.