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    signal fluctuating


      Hi, I'm new to globe and new as an android user. I'm not sure which is the problem. I'm not able to call*143# to check on the latest promos on prepaid and at the same time difficult to send text message from my phone. I can call though. But text seem impossible.  What to do po?

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          Hi ... welcome to Globe and welcome to the world of Android!


          As with anything with a new platform, just be patient in learning Android and your patience will open the doors to possibilities that you have not imagined that the your device would be able to accomplish. But be aware that you should be smarter than your smartphone so you could control it accordingly.


          Dialing *143#, you will see on your screen "USSD code running" and it will give you a number of choices wherein you have to input the number of your choice. After doing so, you have to press "Send" below the choices that were offered. Note that you may not see the "Send" button as it might be covered by the virtual keyboard so you would have to press the Back arrow or button of your device to let you keyboard disappear.


          Do this with the other choices that you make unitl you get your desired result.


          Good luck.

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              Thanks for the prompt reply. I took a screenshot of what happens when I dial *143#. Thanks for helping me out. You're right!  Patience is a virtue.


              Will wait for your reply. Pls see attached screenshot.  Thanks.



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