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    DATA Logs




      Just want to know if GLOBE can provide in their billing statement the logs on when you have used your internet? Like smartbro does in my bill below. After I had consumed my 50MB powersurf, i would no longer connect to 3G/LTE using my phone but was shocked that i was still billed for it in my recent invoice? I ask through the chat channel and they told me that they cant provide any dahil "SECURED" daw ang server nila.


      --------As per globe chat channel-----------

      Helen Portollano:Please be informed that unable to provide a list of your data usages because

      transmission of data usages is done in a secured manner and there is no way for us to retrieve data

      usages from the system.





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          Yes I agree... Globe should be able to provide more details then what it is providing now for transparency and fairness to its subscribers. It's a consumer right.


          While there is now a facility to monitor data consumption, a time stamp would be a welcome and needed development.

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              Globe's Mobile Data is strictly natted and ported. It means that you can only access the internet in the general ports and no one can connect to you with your I.P as mobile users can have those I.P at the same time.


              Meanwhile, Globe systems are produced to be fast and redundant and logging your data can be a hassle to the system. In a common router, only the Bandwidth Management are used to measure everything. Globe also protects your privacy from other's eye including their support team.


              This is the best for all. When this is changed and Globe produces your information or stores data. Many of us will think that anyone working with Globe can see what we are doing.