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    Can't access Account Online


      Here's the thing, I have been experiencing this problem ever since Globe website's got updated.


      Before the website update, I have an online account with globe and I had successfully registered my mobile number in the portal and I've had no problem accessing it. My mobile number was given to me by the company I'm employed, thus it is under a business account.


      Right after the website got updated, when I checked my account, I was able to successfully logged in, however, when I went to my account details, the number (company provided phone) was greyed out and beside it is a message that the number is unverified. There's a button next to it to verify the number, I clicked it and a box popped up saying that they sent the code to the mobile number, the code should be entered to the field in order to verify the number. I have waited for hours and I didn't receive the code. In that pop up, there's is a link to resend the code, i clicked that resend the code link but i got a message that they can't find my account in their database.


      I called the hotline, I went to the business center, I emailed the businesscare and sent the screenshots, i even tweeted it in talk2globe twitter account and sent the screnshots as well but none of them are able to fix it.


      I really don't know what to do anymore since i have already tried everything.

      here are the screenshots of the problem (i purposely hid my mobile number) and hopefully Someone from Globe see this and reply.


      to those with business line, does this happen to you too?Capture2.jpgCapture3.jpg