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    my bill is over what i am expecting


      how long globe can resolved discrepancy in my billing? i was over charge 100 + from my expected bill. the customer service also confirmed this that there is an over charge.

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          For billing dispute this should be handled by the billing department, they need to file a report on this and provide you a reference number for you in case you need to follow up. Try to contact billing department so they can assist you properly.

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              If the report was done well then expect it in the next billing cycle.

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                  do you heard the same instance? actually a CS rep told me that she already sent a report to billing department and she told me i can follow up after 24 hours. i am expecting they will make adjustment after 24 hours however when I checked my bill in *143# and online its still the same. she also said that she will give me a call after or within 24 hours.


                  do you think my bill will be adjusted in my next bill?


                  anyway, thanks for the help.

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                      aside from the cust rep and the tweeter rep is there a person who can help me personally?

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                          bad trip! my concern was two weeks ago, then this rep is telling me that its been last year! what is happening? do we have to relay our concern to all rep and call everyday so that it will be resolved? do they value our time?

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                              actually, i also have problem with their CS. they keep on telling me that their support team will call me within 24 hours or after 3 days. but unfortunately, no one does. its been more than a month and everyday ako nagfofollow up.

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                                  Everytime you contact Globe make sure to ask for a reference number as suggested by zyper95 so you can easily track the progress of your query.


                                  Mahirap yang araw-araw ka nga tumatawag pero wala ka namang basehan kung may nagawa nga bang report o wala.

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                                    men, the reference number that you are telling, in my experience the date was change from today to last year. so bad to know, i don't know if the CS know what she is telling or its really change to last year.


                                    best thing to do is, you have to understand your concern and help yourself resolve it by asking CS on how they do it... like for me, I learn how to compute my Bill. i learn what they are doing with my account...

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                                      men, don't wait, my concern was resolve in a day since i relay it again and again to all the CS that i was able to talk. learn to resolve your concern in your own by asking the things that CS do with regards to your concern.

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                                          actually, i did that already. i have my reference number everytime i call. grabe, pag 3 reps nakausap ko lahat sila iba iba sinasabi. im so irritated na talaga. and guess what, until now no feedback pa din. what kalokohan is that naman? and to add on that inis, they keep on telling me that they don't have any idea when to resolve my complaint/request.

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                                              Good am,                                        Ref. # 1014-2821




                                              This Office received a complaint from Mr. Jairus Ligutom, a copy of which is attached hereto for immediate reference.


                                              In such regard,  you are hereby directed to take action on the matter by communicating directly with the complainant, copy furnish this Commission, within five ( 5 ) days from receipt hereof in order to avoid further damage to all parties concerned.


                                              For your information and appropriate action.


                                              God Bless and have a nice day.


                                              For:    ATTY. RAMON C. NOLASCO, JR.


                                                            OIC, CWPD




                                              This Commission






                                              Kind Regards,

                                              Victor A. Gusto

                                              Administrative Assistant III

                                              CWPD - NTC


                                              From: Jairus Joseph Ligutom

                                              Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 6:07 PM

                                              To: Atty.Ramon Nolasco, Jr.

                                              Subject: Re: Fw: NTC Complaint

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                                              I will paste here the exact email that I sent to Globe. Up to know it seems that they are not willing to help.


                                              Here is my email to Globe Telecom;

                                              I made two calls Sept 24. The first rep who answered the call said there is no gosurf1799 combo. She was a girl. The second person was a male. He told me he will process my request and call me back after 24 hours. I did not receive a call.


                                              I have made dozens of requests to change my current combo from 2 999 to 1 1799 gosurf. All attempts have been unsuccessful. I have made the changes using your self help options via the website and via your android app. It seems that they are unreliable.


                                              I have made requests via your twitter reps and i got lots of different replies. They were inconsistent. It seems that they are not calibrated. One twitter rep told me to make a request before my cut off, another told me to make it 5 days before my cut off and another said it should be done 1 to 2 days before my cut off. This has been a one week ordeal. This has consumed much of my time. To think this is just a very simple issue.


                                              I am a broadband subscriber for 7 years. I have had 3 postpaid line witc completed contracts. This is my fourth postpaid line. I don't deserve this. I expect adjustment on my bill for being lied to and for spending almost a week of my time for this issue.


                                              I also asked helped from your facebook reps who told me that i need to have the names and the employee number of the agent i spoke with to be able to file a formal report. I did not know that it is prerequisite for mr to get their employee number as well as their name for them to honor their word. I asked the facebook rep to give his or her name and id yet he told he is not allowed. Nevertheless, your facebook reps seems like they are no helpful. I asked them for a manager to call. Yet they still declined my request.  I have never experienced such lousy and unhelpful service in my 7 years as your subscriber. I am at the point where I no longer want to pay for this. I am not sure if I will even reconsider my decision even if you are going to give me credits. You can file lawsuits if you want and I will face them. I have screenshot for my interactions on facebook and twitter.  Sadly I did not record my calls to your hotline.


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                                              On Oct 7, 2014 8:46 AM, "Atty.Ramon Nolasco, Jr." <[email protected]> wrote:

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                                Hi tjacazon,


                                I know that going over your bill can throw you off track in terms of your budget. I suggest that you contact an Account Specialist, talk2GLOBE (talk2GLOBE) on Twitter


                                You can also try to monitor your usage by going to GLOBE

                                You can view your minutes, messages, and data usage. It's actually quite convenient.

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                                  Hi Everyone,


                                  Its already resolved! what i did was, always do follow up calls and ask time on when they will be able to resolve it.


                                  • some customer service say that they will report my concern to the proper department but when i follow up i found out that it was not. so i have to relay again my concern (i have a reference number). i hope they do what they promise so that it will be resolved right away and we don't have to waste our time doing follow up.
                                  • some customer service rep say what they thought is right with out studying the concern was or investigate the concern. the first call i made, he is trying to explain the charges, the down payment and etc. it was so dumb! i hate CS who answer such ways using words like "Ganito kasi yan Sir!". i hope the person should take time to study, confirm and listen.
                                  • i just got my plan for almost 3 months and i was calling almost 2 weeks about my concern and one CS told me that my complaint was one year ago. i don't know what happened? its alarming. i just though that system is not real time, i don't know...
                                  • i let the CS discover the my concern by letting her compute my bill, then she confirmed that its over my bill.
                                  • last call, CS is the one adjusted my Bill. surprising, previous CS is telling me that they will send my concern to Billing department, what happen... is there a Billing department or is it necessary to report my concern to billing department.


                                  kayo na bahala, learn from this guys... and hope CS will improve in the future...

                                  anyway's, I am Enjoy Globe plan so far despite of what i experienced.