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    Paano ba mag-unsubscribe sa 2910 na yan?


      Paano ba mag-unsubscribe sa 2910 na yan. Lagi kasi akong nakakareceive ng message mula sa tarantadong 2910 na to at kakaltasan ako ng 2.50/message. So paano ba mag-unsubscribe sa tarantadong 2910 na to. Sana naman GLOBE gawan nyu naman ng action tong mga ganitong problema. Pigilan nyu naman to GLOBE.

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          Try texting STOP ALL to 2910.


          If that does not work then call the hotline (211) and let them stop it manually.

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            Hi (NAME),



            Thanks for being with globe community!



            For Opt Out Request of Access Numbers such as 2346, 3456 and the like, there is an easy way to do this!



            First Option:

            Unsubscribe to all access numbers by texting: STOP ALL to 2910.



            Second Option:

            Call hotline and head to the customer service option, request for an opt out request for all access numbers, and you should be able to receive resultion within 24-48 hours!



            Step Three:

            For further prevention, once you receive text notifications from any access number, please reply STOP ALL and send it to 2910 or simply call the hotline.



            I hope this helps you and I hope you would enjoy being with us in globe!


            Thanks and Best Regards!