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    club content subscription


      Any idea on what's this club content subscription? I was charge nearly 200php. Makes me furious. I never subscribe to anything. Can this be waived?

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          Try texting back (in all CAPS) -  EF OFF or STOP ALL.

          If that does not work...

          Type (in all CAPS) -  CHECK and send it to 2474. You will receive a follow up message that will tell you on how to unsubscribe to it.

          You (or somebody else) might have visited a website which made you input your phone number. Those webpages could be very tricky and based on the number of complaints, I just wonder why our telcos have not banned such services which resort to obvious deception.


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            Call the hotline and have them assist you to unsubscribe from that subscription and request of reversal of charges. Contact Us

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              Copied-pasted my answer from the other topic:


              Dati may nabasa akong post na itong club content subscription na ito ay yung Gadget Care premium**


              Usually kasi 1 month free gadget care lang, kapag hindi mo ito pina-alis magcocontinue ito at ibibill ka nila.



              **hindi po ako sure kung tama, kaya mas makakabuti na iverify mo ito sa kinauukulan. Tulad ng pagtawag sa hotline.