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    Not received an auto email reply from globe regarding POID


      I just applied for a postpaid application (SIM line only) and they said that I will send such Proof of Identification and Proof of Billing Address (POBA).


      After the call, I sent the POBA to the email they provided to me and I received such auto-reply that they are working on it. Now, I am just confused. After I sent my Proof Of Billing Address to the email, I sent the following hour the Proof Of Identification (POID). After I sent it, I thought there will be an auto reply for the Proof Of Identification. But, I have not received any auto reply.



      I have followed up on the Globe Sales Hotline and they said that I will wait for their call to see if they received it.Do they check it for verification?


      What shall I do: Shall I wait for their call or shall I send again an e-mail of POID?


      I hope someone can help me.