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    Frustrating Globe Postpaid Online Application


      I have applied last Aug 18 for Plan 999 with free LG G2 Mini with Combo Gosurf 5GB.


      Until now I have not received a feedback nor updates.


      I have  Tweeted, all they say for a couple of days is they will make follow up on it got nowhere , emailed [email protected] and received not even a single response. Called 211 and their sales number, all I get is the same thing. They will escalate but nothing is being done.  Gave them order number which was given online and they dont seem to find anything. It is as if the online system is a different entity.


      I already paid the amount P999 the same day I applied online since I used my credit card. It even said that I will get a call within 2 business days but week has passed and got nothing???


      I dont see why it would take this long as I already have another line with this network


      I dont know what to do anymore as I have tried every means of communication  but they dont seem get nowhere


      This this the worst I have gone through in applying for a postpaid line.


      I hope this will get to the higher Management.


      I hope GlennO can read this as someone is not doing their job properly.